7 Values for a Successful Life

Since I read the Steve Pavlina’s book “ Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth “I have spent some time analyzing his diagram(triangle) of principles wich include the primary principles of truth, love and power and the secundary principles of oneness, authority, courage and intelligence. You can find more information about this principles in Steve’s Blog and of course in his book. Although he spent more than 2 years in the process of finding this 7 core principles of personal development I wanted to be really convinced about them in order to integrate them in my life, so I meditated about each one for some time and I also contrasted them with other principles cited for some other authors. I did not lasted much time in realizing that they were very strong and rational principles for life. However, because of being principles they are generic concepts and I wanted to find a link between they and the primary values that I learned before.
I was taught about the existence of 3 primary values for the life wich by making some combinations among them would derive the rest of the secundary values. This principles were: respect, honesty and responsibility. I suspected that if both, Steve Pavlina’s principles and this primary values were all correct it won’t be difficult to find a direct connection among them. I was right. I easily found the next realizations when I combined some of the 7 principles of Steve Pavlina’s book:
respect = truth + oneness
honesty = truth + authority
responsibility = power + authority
Nevertheless I realized that some values (i.e. passion) weren’t easily derived from this 3 primary values and I also noticed that they were still some gaps among the 7 principles where I could possible find more primary values.
In a few hours I was able to find the rest of what for me are the 7 values for a successful life:
1) respect = truth + oneness
2) empathy =  love + oneness
3) passion = love + courage
4) determination = power + courage
5) responsibility = power + authority
6) honesty = truth + authority
7) integrity = oneness + authority + courage
Now I want to share with you a very concrete definition for each of the 7 values for a successful life.
Respect. Accept the existence of a connection between you and other people, other living forms and the whole world.
Empathy. Being capable to feel, see things, and think like some else in order to improve the existing connection between you and she or he.
Passion. Develop a strong desire to do something. Feeling motivated and excited to do whatever you are working on.
Determination. Establish the commitment to achieve your goals, saying no to permanent failure.
Responsibility. Develop your maximum potential to serve others. Meet your obligations and fully accept your actions and their consequences.
Honesty. Communicate with yourself and others with truth. Do not take the properties or belongings of others.
Integrity. Strictly alignment with the 7 core principles. Maximum development in all the areas of your life: habits, career, money, health, relationships and spirituality.
I believe that if you live your life according with this 7 main values you will be also automaticaly aligned with the Steve Pavlina’s 7 principles of the personal development and therefore, having a successful life.
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